Fury Girl’s Finds at the Fury Surf Shack

By Shayne Benowitz

With the launch of the new Fury Skate and Kids and the expansion of the Fury Surf Shack, I have to admit, I’ve done a little shopping lately. Working on the water at Fury is great. What makes it even better is that I don’t have to go far when shopping for work, for play, and even for gift giving. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve found to be great buys at Fury lately. The next time you’re in town, swing in and see for yourself.

Item #1: Von Zipper Manx Sunglasses. I can’t help it. I take my sunglasses very seriously. When the pair I sported on the Fury boats for the past three years finally got so beat up that I couldn’t wear them any more, I knew it was time for an upgrade. At Fury Surf Shack, there is an excellent selection of Von Zipper, Ray Ban, and Quicksilver sunglasses to choose from. I opted for Von Zipper’s Manx, an extra-large black frame with a stylish combination of sporty and glam perfect for my days zooming around on the parasail boat.

Item #2 and #3: Quiksilver Key West Destination Tee in Black and in Pink. These t-shirts are totally cool. Whenever I head home for a visit, I always hit the Surf Shack to bring home a little bit of Key West to my family and friends. I made a visit to Georgia in November for Thanksgiving and for my Dad’s birthday. I gave my dad the black tee and my mom the bright pink.

Item #4: Roxy Lightweight Scarves. It doesn’t get too chilly in Key West in the wintertime, but at night it’s nice to have a little something to warm you up. Scarves and pashminas are my favorite accessory for a stylish way to stay warm and I decided to give two of my best girlfriends the Roxy print scarves at the Surf Shack for a holiday present.

Item #5: Roxy Key West Destination Tee in Charcoal. This was a Hanukkah present for my mom. The tee is cute sporting the Roxy logo in orange on the front and an orange flower on the back.

Item #6: Fury Surf Shack Tee. Just when I thought my dad had every Fury Key West shirt imaginable, I noticed this navy blue tee on the racks at the Surf Shack. Have you noticed that my family likes t-shirts?

Item #7: Reef Reversible Bikini in Black. Working on the boats is an active job and unfortunately that often means the shelf life for bikinis can be pretty short. Tired of looking at stretched out, stained, crumpled messes in my drawer, I finally bought this nicely cut Reef bikini that I had been eying on the rack for months.

Item #8: Volcom Reversible Bikini in Black. The very next day, I spotted a cute Volcom bikini at Fury Skate and Kids. Volcom is a brand new label for Fury. The suit fit great and is made with super comfortable material. I decided I had to have it. Oh well, Fury Girl can never have too many bikinis!

Shayne Benowitz is a Fury crewmember and freelance writer working on her debut novel. For more travel stories and a daily dose of what’s cool around the globe visit her Wanderlust Website at http://web.me.com/shaynebeth.

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